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Sketch Alternative For PC: Sketch is a contemporary graphics design program for macOS that became viral following its initial release in 2010. It is currently the industry standard for online, mobile, UI/UX, and icon design. The program is generally adored and has few direct rivals, but owing to the technology that is specific to macOS on which it is based, the creators are not considering distributing it on Windows or Linux. While many graphic artists use Macs, many do not, therefore Sketch’s Mac exclusivity becomes an issue. So, if you typically use a PC. here are the best five  Sketch alternatives for PC.

Sketch Alternative For PC
Sketch Alternative For PC

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5 Best Sketch Alternative For PC:


Sketch Alternative For PC
Sketch Alternative For PC

Lunacy is a one-of-a-kind piece of software that includes everything you’re looking for. Lunacy, like Sketch, is only available for Windows and operates on the same principles. Fantastic design and tools equal great results. It’s a free graphic design program with no bloatware, advertisements, or spam, which is fantastic.

In addition, Lunacy includes built-in elements like icons, pictures, vector graphics, and more. Not to add that Lunacy is totally compatible. sketch files and can even process older. sketch files with no problems. This Lunacy is one of the sketch alternatives for PC.


  • Liberated and confidential
  • Compatibility with various sketch file formats
  • 2X faster
  • Integrated resources
  • Ideal for computers running Windows.

Adobe  XD:

Sketch Alternative For PC
Sketch Alternative For PC

Adobe is a creative industry behemoth that appears to have a tool for every creative need, including video editing, audio, picture editing, and more. Adobe XD, like all of its other famous creation programs, is a powerful tool that can easily change the Sketch software for Windows users.

The software includes strong UI and UX design tools that can assist you with everything from wireframing to prototype. The software also has a familiar user interface, so if you’ve ever used Sketch or any similar app, you’ll find Adobe XD pretty easy to get used to. This Adobe XD is one of the sketch alternatives for PC


  • Extremely Receptive
  • Help with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop documents
  • Export cod
  • Controls based on dragging and dropping
  • Auto prototyping.


Sketch Alternative For PC
Sketch Alternative For PC

Figma is one of the top Sketch alternatives for PC Windows, bringing with it a sophisticated and effective UI/UX design tool. The tool is browser-based, which has advantages and downsides. Because it is a browser-based application, it may be used on any operating system, including Windows and macOS.

You also won’t have to download, patch, or update any software because everything happens in the background. On the other hand, using its online app would necessitate a persistent internet connection. The firm has recently released native apps for the Windows and macOS platforms.


  • Its pen tool is extremely powerful and employs vector networks.

  • It also offers interactive editing at 60 frames per second with pixel-perfect preview and export.
  • You don’t have to worry about storing or uploading your files because they are automatically synchronized to the cloud with specified version history.
  • There is a common team library where all assets are shared across team members so that everyone has access to the same assets at all times.

Affinity Designer:

Sketch Alternative For PC
Sketch Alternative For PC

Affinity Designer, the winner of an Apple Design Award, was built as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator. That does not change the fact that, depending on the use case, it is one of the greatest Sketch alternatives for PC available. I’ve been using Affinity Designer on Mac for a long time, and I’m delighted to report that the Windows version has the same functionality as the Mac version.

That is, if you purchase it for your Windows system, you are not compromising any features. Affinity Designer has powerful pen and node tools that let users draw whatever they desire with only a few clicks.


  • Robust pen mode
  • Powerful graphic tools
  • Built-in assets and UI kit
  • Customizable elements
  • Simple UI

Gravit Designer:

Sketch Alternative For PC
 Sketch Alternative For PC

Gravit Designer has grown in popularity in recent years, and it is now the greatest free and open source Sketch replacement for both Windows. To begin with, the app now not only operates on the web but also provides native apps for all three major desktop platforms, including macOS, and Windows.

That is a significant improvement since users no longer just had to rely on browsers to complete tasks because they can now utilize native applications, which feel most at home and are typically faster than online apps. This Gravit designer is one of the sketch alternatives for PC.


  • Huge library of assets
  • Web-based
  • Cloud syncing
  • Customizable components
  • Clean UI.


We hope you find these Sketch alternatives for PC useful. Although Sketch’s UI and UX design skills and workflow are unsurpassed outside of the macOS ecosystem, things aren’t that awful in general vector and raster graphics editing. With the impending release of Adobe’s Experience Design for Windows, things are looking good in the interface design sector as well.

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