How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot For any Sim Card

Airtel 4G Hotspot: Hi guys welcome to our tech blog. Are you searching for how to unlock airtel 4G Hotspot? Don’t worry here in this article we guide how to unlock airtel 4G hotspot. This Device will fill in as a Wi-Fi Router for your Wi-Fi empowered gadgets like Laptop, Tab, Mobiles, and so forth, just as a Dongle for Non-Wi-Fi gadgets, similar to PC. This device is locked with only airtel Sim if you want to use another sim like Vodafone, idea, etc you first need to unlock the device.

How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot
How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot

This Airtel device must be opened with a ‘Boot Shot’ strategy as to open the gadget we really want to change the interior firmware to a nonexclusive Huawei firmware rather than airtel and to do that we want a DataLock Code, which is unimaginable to expect to produce as the calculation utilized is Algo v4. Consequently, just a Boot Shot strategy will work.

How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot:

The most recent model, E5573s, utilizes the Algo V4, which requires a code, called DataLock Code. This code can’t be determined utilizing the IMEI number without any problem. Additionally, Airtel doesn’t give this Code by any means. Consequently, to change the firmware, we want to remove this code. This DataLock Code is put away on a space called the NVRAM (Non-Volatile RAM), alongside different information like your Device Serial Number, Wi-Fi default SSID, Device IMEI number, Wi-Fi Default Password. Henceforth Using this strategy, will erase this whole Data as well.
First, you need to download the below software (All software in one zip file)
Please Proceed at your own risk!
How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot
How To Unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot
  • Start your airtel Device by long-pressing the button in the middle, and both drove lights for organization and the battery will flicker green. Interface your Device to the PC/Laptop and let the drivers get introduced.
  • When the Default Drivers are introduced, run the Huawei-HiLink-Drivers and Mobile Partner Drivers and install them also. Then open the admin panel page.
  • Go to the device setting page and take note of the IMEI number and serial number.
  • Now switch off your gadget, by long-press the Center button, and eliminating the back cover. Leave the Battery inside Remove the 6 screws and open the front of the gadget.
  • Then we need to boot-shot the gadget. For this, you will require a wire or any metal which can be utilized to contact the Ground with the Boot loader on the board.
  • Keep both contacts with one hand and with the other interface the gadget to the PC/Laptop with USB. You ought to hear a Sound and you will see some hardware is getting installed.
  • open the flash tool and execute Balong_USB_Downloader.exe and snap on the Detect button, it will auto-distinguish the COM Port, and afterward, click on the 3 dabs close to the Load button – > select USBLoader.bin document from uploader folder.
  • Then close Balong, open the firmware and execute the .exe inside it. click straight away, let it recognize the gadget and it should begin installing the Firmware in the Router.
  • Wait for a few minutes and install the ‘WEB UI’.
  • Once complete the installation your device will restart and the browser will open automatically with your device home page.
  • Congratulations now your airtel 4g hotspot is unlocked.
Then you need to restore your serial number and IMEI number.


So these steps are the unlock to airtel 4g hotspot. We hope this article is very useful to you. If you have any doubt about this process just ask in the below comment box. Keep following for more updates. Thank you so much.
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