The Best Carrom Board Players In The World

Carrom is a board game that we played at some point. It brings back nostalgia. Whether it was a picnic in the 1990s or a party, carrom was an integral part of every family get-together. It was a reason why a group of friends came together and why they fought.

Those silly fights bring back smiles to our faces. We also remember the power cuts in our grandparent’s house when we used to play the game in the garage or backyard.

The Best Carrom Board Players in the World
 The Best Carrom Board Players in the World

Another annoying task was who would put powder on the carrom board. We know that you are already smiling. With time, people have shifted towards the online version because of the possibility of it. This is mainly because of the feasibility. Times have changed, and the user interface of the carrom gaming app also advanced. You can even earn money if you play carrom online

In this blog, we will talk to you about the best carrom players in the world. If you are really into this game, then know about the best players in the world regarding carrom. 

ICF (International Carrom Federation) formation–In 1988, the International Carrom Federation, or ICF, was formed. It was governed by Swiss law. After it was formed, the carrom game became more popular than ever.

They also made some rules so that the game became recognized as a sport across the globe. The game is now played at a high level, and various tournaments are held worldwide. The championships or tournaments were organized under AICF’s guidance. The tournaments are held as per age group.

Carrom is now treated with more respect. The game is divided into various categories: Senior National and Inter-State, Junior National and Inter-State, Sub-Junior National and Inter-State championships, Federation Cup tournament, etc.


The game was played for leisure at one point. It increased with time and now has a proper structure to refer to. The online gaming versions also come with hefty cash prizes, which you can win from the comfort of your house. And to know the top-earning players worldwide, read this Forbes article.

Best Carrom Board Players

K. Srinivas: Born in 1993, this Indian carrom player created a rage. He won the 4th carrom world cup that was held in the Maldives. He won various titles in men’s single and double tournaments. He was even complimented by women’s national carrom champion P. Nirmala. 

A. Maria Irudayam: He is amongst the best carrom players worldwide. Born in Chennai, India, he won the World carrom championship twice and the Indian national championship nine times. He has a very successful career as far as carrom is considered. He was awarded the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1996 by the Government of India due to his incredible success and how he represented India globally. He won many international carrom championships.

S. Ilavazhagi: S. Ilavazhagi is also a popular name in the world of carrom. This 1984-born Indian player has won the world cup championship twice. She is exceptionally talented and has represented India multiple times on global platforms.

She was also a runner-up in the women’s singles final round. She even won the 2008 Indian Indian National Carrom Championship.

Chamil Cooray: This Srilankan is also a great carrom player had have created records. His full name is Chamil Darshana Cooray Bulathsinghalage, and he has been representing Sri Lanka since 2004. He has won the World Carrom Championship held in Birmingham, England. The Sri Lankan grabbed the sixth rank in the Men’s single world cup championship. He even won the Swiss World League title and created history by winning the title twice.

Rashmi Kumari: Rashmi Kumari is also a popular name worldwide. She belongs from Bihar, India, and has bagged many carrom tournaments held at multiple destinations. She has been playing the game since childhood and is one of the youngest female players who has won many accolades.

Nishantha Fernando: He is another gem from the land of Sri Lanka. The man won the Carrom World Championship in men’s singles and held the record of becoming the first Sri Lankan in the year 2012, which is just a decade ago. He was also regarded as the national carrom champion in Sri Lanka and an essential member of the Sri Lankan carrom team that won England’s 2016 Carrom World Championship.

Pierre Dubois: He is also a great carrom player and recognized amongst carrom enthusiasts across the world. He became the national champion eight times and a five-time European champion.

B. Radhakrishnan: He hails from Tamil Nadu, India. In 1999, he bagged the fourth position in the men’s singles event at the 3rd SAARC Carrom Championship held in the Maldives. In 2007 and 2009, he won the Men’s National Championship.

Parmi Nirmala: She is also great at the game and has been playing since 1980. This woman is a legend and a seven times State Champion, five-time Senior National, four times Federation cup champion, and eleven times All India LIC Champion.

She was also the runner-up in World Championship twice, in 1995 and 2000.

Other mentionable names:

Ravivarman Sharmila

Humayun Kabir

Mehedi Hasan

Steeve Collard

Prashant More

Jagan Bengle

Bharati Mehdi

Riyaz Akbarali

To wrap it up, this is a fantastic game played across the globe. So what are you waiting for? Download and start playing now!

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